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Season 5

Episode 1: CBD to Cure Everything! - Funding

Season 4

Episode 13: What's Really Behind the UFO News? - Navy UFO videos have been all over the news for years now. Does this mean the government believes in aliens, or do these videos have some other source?

Episode 12: Why Are Some People Anti-Vaccine? - Don't seek a deliberately evil motivation in those who deny vaccines. Instead, listen to their moral foundations.

Episode 11: Are Electric Cars Really Green? - Yes, despite what Internet EV-haters claim, electric cars really are cleaner... a LOT cleaner.

Episode 10: Plastic Straw Bans: Helpful or Stupid? - Many consider plastic drinking straws to be an environmental catastrophe, so bans on them are increasingly popular. But do these bans actually help any real problem?

Episode 9: QAnon Explained in 3 Minutes - A rapid-fire history of one of the craziest conspiracy theories of all time: QAnon.

Episode 8: Why the Myers-Briggs Test Is Hogwash - The Myers-Briggs personality test is used throughout society and many just assume it to be meaningful. The science shows otherwise.

Episode 7: The Trashy Secret of Plastic Bag Bans - Science shows that those plastic bag bans you love so much may be doing the environment more harm than good.

Episode 6: Thorium Reactors: Fact and Fiction - Thorium reactors aren't the panacea some claim they are, but their benefits over light water reactors are many.

Episode 5: About That 1970s Global Cooling... - Did climate scientists in the 1970s really think we were headed for a new ice age?

Episode 4: Debunking the Rothschild Myths - Some believe that world governments and economies are secretly controlled by the Rothschild banking family.

Episode 3: No, Building 7 Did Not Look Like a Controlled Demolition - Truthers claim Building 7 fell exactly like a controlled demolition. Did it really?

Episode 2: Two Simple Proofs of Global Warming - The simple, observable proof that human-caused CO2 is warming our planet.

Episode 1: Raining Frogs and Fish? - The popular explanation for frogs and fish falling out of the sky is that waterspouts deposit them. How true is this?

Season 3

Episode 13: Pit Bull Attack - We're typically led to believe that pit bulls are far more dangerous than other breeds. How much truth is there to this?

Episode 12: Vinyl vs Digital - The battle between vinyl record enthusiasts and digital recordings rages eternal. Science provides an incontrovertible answer.

Episode 11: Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids? - Is it true that Jewish slaves built ancient Egypt's most impressive monuments, or does this popular tale misrepresent both cultures?

Episode 10: Cleansing Diets - It seems nearly all your friends are doing special cleansing diets. Should you do one too?

Episode 9: Homeopathy - Many people believe homeopathy is a natural, herbal supplement like any other. But is it?

Episode 8: Chemtrails - Some people believe that airplane contrails are really the government spraying us with poison. Could this be true?

Episode 7: The Cult of Nikola Tesla - Popular culture tends to endow Nikola Tesla with almost godlike powers. Today we separate Tesla fact from Tesla fiction.

Episode 6: All About Fluoridation - Is fluoridated water truly as poisonous as some activists make it out to be, or is that just a lot of unscientific hype?

Episode 5: The Truth about Aspartame - Is the popular artificial sweetener aspartame truly as poisonous as nearly every foodie website and movie makes it out to be, or is that just more shock-doc nonsense?

Episode 4: All About Fracking - This method of natural gas mining has come under close scrutiny from shock-doc filmmakers. Do the facts match the hype?

Episode 3: How to Tell if Global Warming Is Real - A 3-minute guide to one of the most divisive questions of our day: Global Warming.

Episode 2: 5 Ways to Tell Science from Pseudoscience - Here are 5 quick ways to tell good science from bad science.

Episode 1: Genetically Modified Crops - Some claim that GMO crops are dangerous, while others applaud the new crop science.

Season 2

Episode 13: Are We Alone? - Is Earth being visited by aliens, either now or in the past?

Episode 12: Gluten Free Diets - The latest health food fad is to go gluten free. What does this mean and how can it help you?

Episode 11: High Fructose Corn Syrup - They tell us High Fructose Corn Syrup has all kinds of health risks. Is there really any reason to avoid this common sugar substitute?

Episode 10: Cell Phones on Airplanes - They tell us it's dangerous to use cell phones on airplanes, but the facts are obvious.

Episode 9: Stuff We Eat - They tell you some foods will make you fat, some will make you thin, some are "superfoods", and some will kill you. Here we take a quick fact-based tour of everything that you actually eat.

Episode 8: Conspiracy Theories - Why do so many people believe in completely improbable conspiracy theories?

Episode 7: Environmental Toxins - They tell you that environmental toxins are all around you, making you sick. Ever wonder why you've never seen a victim of these so-called toxins? This will tell you.

Episode 6: Logical Fallacies 3 - Think you know how to use and recognize logical fallacies in arguments? Here's how. Part 3.

Episode 5: Logical Fallacies 2 - Think you know how to use and recognize logical fallacies in arguments? Here's how. Part 2.

Episode 4: Logical Fallacies 1 - Think you know how to use and recognize logical fallacies in arguments? Here's how. Part 1.

Episode 3: Organic Food Myths - Everyone says organic food is better for you, and better for the environment. But is that true, or is it just eco-marketing rhetoric?

Episode 2: Detoxification - Promoters of quack products are always saying you need to detoxify your body. What does that really mean?

Episode 1: Immune System Boosting - Can simple foods and supplements actually boost your immune system?

Season 1

Episode 13: Vaccine Ingredients - Antivaccine activists claim that vaccines contain all sorts of terrifying poisons. Is this true?

Episode 12: Locally Grown Produce - Is buying locally grown produce a good way to be green and help the environment?

Episode 11: The Bloop - Did Navy hydrophones pick up the sounds from an impossibly huge sea creature?

Episode 10: Network Marketing - Think you're going to make a million dollars in network marketing? Give me the next three minutes of your time.

Episode 9: Plastic Water Bottles - They say leaving your plastic water bottle in the car will heat it up and leach dangerous toxins into the water. Should you be concerned?

Episode 8: Ghost Hunting - Can you really detect ghosts using a few basic instruments? We're going to take a look at these tools and find out.

Episode 7: Nuclear Energy - Some say nuclear energy is ready to make a comeback; some say it's still too dangerous. How do you know which to believe?

Episode 6: Fast Food Phobia - We've all heard that fast food is terribly unhealthy. But have you ever looked into where calories and fat really come from?

Episode 5: New Age Energy - Do you ever hear people talking about energy fields? What does that mean?

Episode 4: The Philadelphia Experiment - Did the US Navy make an entire ship disappear in a 1943 experiment that went awry?

Episode 3: Wheatgrass Juice - Has anyone ever told you that a shot of wheatgrass juice is nature's superfood?

Episode 2: The Pacific Garbage Patch - Have you heard there's an island of floating garbage the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Episode 1: The 2012 Apocalypse - Some people say a global catastrophe will kill millions in 2012.